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Much of my abstract work has been in response to night cityscapes and casual reflections.

  • Paris Nights

  • City Nights

  • Chaos


Much of my work as a Designer in the States involved me in commuting through the Florida Everglades where forests grow out of the mangroves.

  • The Everglade Forest

  • Light in the Everglades

Coral Life:

My interest in diving and the marine world has allowed me to respond to the many beautiful sights and colours one finds in the oceans of the world

  • Shallow Collection of Coral

  • Coral  at a deeper depth

  • Pink Collection

Mahalia Johnson

This painting was destined for Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in London’s Soho district however due to his death and the desire of his partner to refurbish the club the work remained in my home in Spain.

Skies and Seascapes

My love of the sea has been  a constant inspiration for much of my work. The magical sunsets and sunrises provide a plethora of colour and image which many artists find enthralling and inspirational.

  • Moonlight on the Shore

  • A Study of Moonlight

  • Red Sunset over Sea

  • The End of the Loch

  • Journey Through a Storm (Gifted to The Mount Vernon Cancer Centre)

The Boats

Boats have always held a fascination for me. Having lived on one in the past and spent much of my youth at sea around the Norfolk coastline with the fishermen I found I enjoyed the freedom that the seas offered.  They have always been a powerful source of inspiration.

  • A Backwater in Holland

  • The Beached Galleon

  • Two Lonely Sailors