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For the past 15 years Ian has been the Director of the Art School at St Johns’ Beaumont School in Windsor, UK. Although originally trained in Theatre Arts and Portraiture, Ian’s work has developed into various areas such as abstract and landscape.

His particular interest in seascapes is born out of his family history which has, through many generations, been involved with marine life.

Ian began his career as a professional artist and designer in the United States, working for two theatrical companies:  ‘Best of Broadway’ in New York, and Creative International in Tampa, Florida designing the sets for various television and theatrical productions, including ‘1776 Opera’ (Florida’s contribution to their bicentennial celebrations) the Bette Davis tour and the Miss America Pageant in Bush Gardens for CBS television. 

 As a musician, he also worked with members of Dire Straits and The Chamber Brothers, working on recordings in Philadelphia.

Following his return to the UK from the United States Ian became resident Artistic Director for the Stowe Opera Company, together with two National Opera and Ballet companies. In addition to his Theatrical work Ian has exhibited his paintings at various galleries both in Europe and the UK. 


                                     Martins Fine Art Gallery, Cheltenham, UK

                                                    Saatchi Gallery (Website)

                                         The Manor Gallery, Bow Brickhill, England

                                                   St Johns Beaumont Studio

                                               The Hoy Theatre  Old Windsor

                                                   San Mateu Gallery, Spain

                                                  Brick Lane Gallery, London

                        Cumberland Lodge  (The Queens House) in Windsor Great Park.


 In addition to his theatrical and television work, Ian has lectured and given workshops in some of the most prestigious art schools in the UK, helping many young art students to achieve their creative goals.

Ian has also been a guest lecturer for the American Arts Council hosting workshops in the UK and in Europe.

 At present Ian is preparing work for his exhibitions in Spain and Cheng Du, China in 2019.


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